1. How does Rufus Gerard compare with other luxury watches?

There are many fine watches with quartz movements or inexpensive mechanical movements, and they can be purchased for as little as US$200. Some of these watches are diamond encrusted and can cost several tens of thousands of dollars. None of these watches is of interest to serious watch collectors and those who appreciate fine hand-built watches with jewelled and decorated movements, for whom only the very high grade men’s luxury watches with hand-finished high precision mechanical movements (automatic or hand wind) are acceptable. Above US$5,000, watches are expected to have the highest quality movements and be produced by hand, from the finest quality materials. This is the bracket into which Rufus Gerard watches fall, along with the top Swiss and German brands.

2. Why are the prices of Rufus Gerard watches so high?

Every single Rufus Gerard watch is hand-made by highly qualified watchmakers using specialized tools. Each haute horlogerie model is the result of a unique Canada-Japan design collaboration. And every Rufus Gerard watch is very rare, being a numbered piece in a limited edition from Canada’s only top-end luxury watch brand--eminently collectible and an investment that can be expected to appreciate over time. Your Rufus Gerard watch may cost several thousand dollars, but the prestige, style and cachet associated with it cannot be measured.

3. What exactly are limited edition watches?

A limited edition model is one in which the stated number of watches will be produced, and no more. Each such watch has a unique serial number engraved on its case back, and comes with a certificate of authenticity bearing the same serial number. We encourage you to register with us as the owner of the watch with that serial number, as a measure against counterfeiting.

4. What are the benefits of owning a Rufus Gerard watch?

Everyone has their own reasons for purchasing a Rufus Gerard. For some, it is an investment, for others, an indulgence, and for others again, a watch that is the best possible watch of that type of design that money can buy. But in every case, all Rufus Gerard watches offer a deep satisfaction, from the strong lines of the design to the sensation of wearing an ultra luxury watch of this type. Rufus Gerard timepieces are innately powerful, sophisticated watches.



1. Where can I purchase Rufus Gerard watches?

Please contact us directly to arrange a private showing. We will require a fully refundable deposit, and can ship the watch to you, generally in one to three days by Fedex.

2. Why is it advisable to place an advance order for new models?

At this very high level of watch making, each hand-made timepiece takes several months and a team of artisans to produce. Unlike inexpensive watches, ultra luxury watches are not manufactured on automated assembly lines. Exhaustive testing under various conditions also takes a lot of time. This means that only a handful can be produced every few months, making these watches extremely rare and precious. As such, we recommend getting your order in early.



1. How do I get my watch repaired or serviced?

Warranty repairs will be done by Rufus Gerard at one of our service centers in Canada or in Japan. As for out of warranty work, most large towns or cities have a watch or jewelry store that has a qualified watchmaker on site. Most repairs, servicing and overhauls can be conducted by this person. Replacement parts are generally not required, but can be ordered from us if necessary. However, complex repairs need to be done at our repair facility.

2. I bought my Rufus Gerard from a retailer. Is it genuine?

We keep careful records of retailers and those of our customers who register their watches with us. Since every Rufus Gerard watch has a serial number (usually on the back case), please send us that number and the name and address of the retailer and we can advise you whether your watch is genuine or not.

3. What are the Rufus Gerard Watch Company privacy, business and information policies?

All personal information is handled confidentially within the company, and not released to any third party other than our auditors. The only exception to this is if a law enforcement agency compels us to release such information. We pledge to conduct our business in a transparent, fair and responsible way. All information provided online, in marketing material, in correspondence and during a sale transaction will be provided as truthfully as possible. Thank you for being a Rufus Gerard customer!