A distinguished Canadian name in the Swiss-dominated luxury watch industry. A name found on only a very small number of high-end, mechanical watches, each crafted and assembled by highly skilled, experienced and meticulous watchmakers.

It is a little known fact that several very well known Swiss watch manufacturers mass-produce watches, using robots and automation, in quantities of several hundred thousand each year. But with Rufus Gerard, each model is produced in a guaranteed limited edition of 20 to 50 watches only. Why so few watches?

Well, to produce each watch, many months and hundreds of extremely precise tasks are required. Unlike mass produced watches, these top luxury watches demand tight tolerance levels and painstakingly hand-finished movements and cases. A careless mistake at any stage, such as deforming the delicate hairspring or improperly finishing the rotor, could render a watch movement useless, and require starting over.

Rufus Gerard watches incorporate complex, high precision automatic movements manufactured by Seiko Instruments (SII), the absolute and unchallenged leader in luxury mechanical watch production in Japan. The top-end Seiko Credor watches are recognized by horologists worldwide to be in no way inferior to the top brands worldwide. In the same workshop used to manufacture Rufus Gerard watches, and using the same team of watchmakers, SII produces Credor and Grand Seiko watches, which are among the most expensive watches in Japan, and many of those models are unavailable outside that country.

Yet, until their collaboration with Rufus Gerard, these highly regarded top end SII movements and components had not been available in any watches outside the Seiko Group brands. Now, as the first and only top-end luxury brand outside Japan that SII has deemed to be a worthy collaborator on watches in this luxury price range, the Rufus Gerard Watch Company of Canada brings these precious watches to you in small limited editions.

The decisive lines of the bold Canadian design, the use of the finest luxury materials (including, for example, gorgeous black straps from legally farmed crocodiles in Papua New Guinea), the incorporation of extremely high precision technology (the watch is produced to our specifications entirely in Japan, including oils, gears, springs, and so on--a true manufactory outside Europe, in a country known for its advanced technological prowess), and the careful hand-and-loupe detailing of movement components make each hand-crafted Rufus Gerard watch very valuable indeed.

Everyone else is wearing a Rolex, Omega or Patek-Philippe. Make your choice of timepiece a Rufus Gerard...very rare, highly sophisticated and ultra-luxurious. Owning and wearing a Rufus Gerard is, and always will be, deeply satisfying.